And We Never Have the Money for the Flight (reflorescence) wrote,
And We Never Have the Money for the Flight

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I am leaving ASAP for Boston. My cousin is visiting, to go to a Tufts Admitted Students Day, because she is going there, and naturally my sister will be around. I am wicked excited! I hope it will be nice weather.
Today I got up at 6:13 to go feed squirrels, and then went to two different banks to deposit and withdraw money, and THEN bought a cute popsicle-red purse.

And this is what my mother just said to me:
smallgopher: Deranged Jeff, is that you?

She is so proud of her ability to IM me. It is adorable. Plus, that screen name? Come on, who could be cooler?

I've decided to trade in all of the principles I ever had for a pair of well-fitting leather pants.

That is all!
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