And We Never Have the Money for the Flight (reflorescence) wrote,
And We Never Have the Money for the Flight

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Greetings! I returned from the Boston area today, and had a wonderful and fun weekend. My cousin Cat was visiting from Michigan to see Tufts again, and we chatted and went shopping and went to ATO (in reverse order). I bought an adorable little black dress and some other cute things, got to see my sister, listened to Mickey Avalon, etc. Chryssa's boyfriend Mike also acted quite chivalrous, and dragged me out of the kitchen by my feet when I was somewhat inebriated.

Mike is adorable. My family members (primarily Chryssa, my dad, and Cat) frequently call me Lil, as it dates back to childhood, and now Mike calls me that, which is wicked cute. :)

Today I bought a Wisconsin sweatshirt, because, uh, I'm going there next year. Have I formally mentioned that yet? I don't remember.

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