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Today was so relaxing and unhurried. This is what I did:
1. Woke up at 6:13. (Relaxing?)
2. Picked some flowers for my mother, as it is Mother's Day and my yard provides copious (I just had such a hard time typing that) amounts of flowering quince.
3. Went out to BREAKFAST!!!
4. Wildlife Center... there was a baby screech owl, which was downy and adorable. Also, there was Rachel, who is not either of those things. ;)
5. Then I came home and mopped my porch floor, which amounted to me crawling around with a damp sponge and listening to Lucinda Williams, whom I absolutely love. Also, my mother told me that I was quite an "efficient German housewife."
6. MAJOR PROCRASTINATION!! 9.5 days of senior year left! I am in no mood to work!

Tonight, if and when I finish schoolwork, I am baking.

I think the more unhurried you are, the slower time goes. For instance, this morning I accomplished so much between the hours of 7 and 9, simply because I was not worried about anything.

The world is getting so green and warm. This is another reason why school should be over! My sister is graduating from college on Sunday, which is extremely frightening.

And I will leave you with this quote from my mom, since it is Mother's Day today:
"I think in a past life... I was a Cicada."
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