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You know, something I can't stand about stables is the use of muck buckets instead of wheelbarrows. My new barn is infamous for this. I fully understand and value the use of one or two muck buckets, in the aisle, so that you don't have to carry the manure out to the pile every time your horse poops; however, I do NOT see why muck buckets would be used in place of wheelbarrows otherwise. For those of you who don't shovel manure for fun, it's quite heavy, particularly when fresh. So, basically, you fill a whole bucket with it and then have to lug it out to the wheelbarrow or pile to dump. The same thing goes for paddocks, only you have to drag or carry the manure even farther. I do actually enjoy lifting heavy things like buckets of poop, to prove than I can, and to flex my biceps; however, I'm fairly certain man invented the wheel for a reason: so that girls like me could use wheelbarrows instead of physically dragging or carrying bulky and awkward buckets of manure across fields.

Also, I am exceedingly glad that my horse (whom I sadly had to free lease last year and therefore never see anymore) always had the good manners to hold his pee until he entered his stall. Seriously, I hate geldings who pee in the aisle. I rode a lovely Paint-Warmblood cross named Harley today, who was quite cute and fun, but as soon as we got back inside he generated this huge torrent of pee that spread rapidly across the floor.

I will admit that I actually enjoyed cleaning it up.

I like taking care of horses much more than I like riding. The cynicism expressed in this entry really does not reflect my feelings towards barnwork. I love it, mostly because I get to feel strong and manly while I do it.

Speaking of which, Molly and I shoveled rocks and listened to Ben Lee yesterday, and it was tons of fun. We also did it on Saturday, when everything was muddy, and were much, much more productive than the boys. Given the boys in question, however, I am not surprised.

This was an entry almost as expansive and effusive as my horse's pee today! Now, off to make my sister some grad gifts and re-write Whitman.
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