And We Never Have the Money for the Flight (reflorescence) wrote,
And We Never Have the Money for the Flight

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The following conversation ensued between my mother and me the other morning:

Me: Mom! Guess what?! Molly, Hanna and I all have the same spring break, meaning our Savannah plans will work out!
Mom (sincerely): Oh, hun, that's great! That's a great spring break plan.
Me: And do you want to know the best part? Break falls on March 14- 22, meaning that we will be in Savannah for St. Patrick's Day! It can be, like,a huge drinking fest!!
Mom (becoming sarcastic): That's great, honey. I'm sure you know how happy I am to hear that.

However, I convinced her that it is indeed an excellent plan, one that certainly WILL work out... and it WILL be delicious.

(For several reasons.)
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